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If you’ve been using Slack for any amount of time, chances are that you’ve wondered about the possibilities of integration your team’s primary communication tool (Slack) with your project management system. If your team is not currently using a project/task management tool or simply not in love with your current one, you may be on the look for a new one and want to find one that has deep integration with Slack. Integration Slack and your project management software together will keep you from having to hop between apps and reduce the copy-and-paste dance you’re likely performing many times a day.

The Challenge

Simply put, there are dozens of integrations between Slack and task/project management solutions. Visiting Slack’s list of integrations tagged with “Project Management” doesn’t help much all you’ve really got is a massive list to sort thru.

The other major challenging issue in terms of selecting the right task management solution for your team is that there simply is no “best” solution. I’ve worked at large fortune 100 companies on cross functional teams with dozens of team members from all over the globe. I’ve also worked in early stage tech startups where the entire company was less than 20 people and realistically I typically only worked closely with 2-3 of them on a daily basis. The “best” solution for both of these extremes and every thing in between truly depends on your team’s unique situation.

Your team’s unique situation includes a mix of the following:

  • Team size (Do you use Slack company wide or just in your department?)
  • Level of collaboration between departments
  • How closely are your projects tracked (Enterprise projects may be tracked by milestone and high level KPIs while Agency projects are often tracked by billable hours down to a task level)
  • Do you have a standard project management methodology or does each project manager have free reign over the process and controls for each project.
  • Budget constraints – Although there are some free task/project management tools many of the more advanced ones can be fairly expensive.

As I mentioned a second ago, there are dozens of app listed in the Slack App Directory that are tagged with “Project Management”. Here is a sample of the list just from the first page of results:

…And that’s just page one of 8 pages. There are over 200 PM apps listed in the directory. What’s really frustrating is that very few of these are truly task/project management systems. So the only way to narrow down this list of over 200 is to look at each one and see if it meets your high level requirements. Most of them won’t because they don’t even remotely qualify a project management apps. I believe Slack is way to loosey goosey when it comes to allowing developers to pick there own tags, but that’s another post…

The Solution

We’re going to provide a list of the more popular integration and hopefully be able to help you shortlist the app integration that is a best fit for your team.

Things to Consider

There are ultimately 2 types of integrations:

  1. Bridge Apps – these are Slack apps that “bridge” Slack and the project management system. These will generally at a minimum allow you to receive notifications in Slack when someone creates or finishes a task for example in the actual project management UI. Many will also include slack commands that allow you to perform simple tasks without having to leave slack.
  2. Headless Slack Apps – these are apps built entirely for Slack. They do not contains any UI/UX outside of Slack. Headless Slack apps are very limited but in some cases offer a quick and easy fix to the pain points we all encounter during our day to day operations.
  3. Hybrid – these app have a separate UI, but most of the common functionality can be done from within Slack without having to open a new tab in your browser and log into yet another app.

Because project management apps are generally more complicated, you’re likely to want a bridge app. However if you are a small team and just need something quick and dirty to manage tasks and track project project.

Top Headless (Bot Only/No Seperate UI) Project Management Apps:


Top Bridge Apps

Don’t Rush the Decision

I realize we all want an easy-button when it comes to selecting the tools we use day to day. Many of us are now embracing a more agile way of working, where being nimble and being able to show continual progress to our customers or management is a top priority. Part of the thought process within agile development is that its ok to move fast, get the important things done fast and then circle back to clean up any messes we made later on. Unfortunately this approach can be dangerous when it comes to selecting a task/project management system for our team.

Here is the problem with making a quick decision: The devil in the details. What I mean by that is that you might, as an example, select Trello because “it seems” to have all of the major features you want, you’ve heard colleges rave about using it on past projects, etc. So, you implement it, get your entire team using it hour after hour each day. Then, a month later, you realize its time to generate that monthly burn down or resources utilization chart for management. Oh snap! Trello doesn’t do that. So, now you find yourself wishing that you’d done more due diligence in the selecting a task/project management system that was a better strategic fit for your team.


Take the time to shortlist your top solutions and then be sure to dive deeply into each solution. Be sure to analyze all of your needs, not sure your high level requirements. This will help ensure that you avoid that Oh! Snap! moment a month after you are live on your chosen pm solution. The apps we’ve listed above are a great starting point if you’re wanting a solution that integrates with Slack.

Need Help Deciding?

We’re here to help! Don’t have time to analyze each solution, weigh the pros and cons, pricing, roadmaps, company health, etc, etc? We’ve already done a deep dive on all of the above (and many other) top project management systems. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our consulting services.


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