Collaborate on Trello projects without leaving Slack.

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    When I first checkout out the Slack-to-Trello integration app tying Slack and Trello (2 of my all time favorite tools) I was hoping for a bit more.



    Pushing notifications from Trello to Slack is a no-brainer. Notifications in Trello (and in most PM/task management solutions) is always less than perfect because theses solutions will never be smart enough to know exactly what updates I want at any given time and which notification I don't care about. That's because the context of what matters change daily (or even hourly) and there's no way for my to input that into a system (I aint got time for that!).

    Slack Commands

    Here is where I was hoping for a bit more.

    Here are a few of the daily command you might find yourself using, saving you countless milliseconds!

    Add a card
    /trello add [teammates] [card name]
    Example: /trello add @john @jessica Finish blog post
    /trello search [terms]
    Example: /trello search meeting agenda
    Link a channel to a board
    /trello link [search term or board url]
    Example: /trello link Project Awesome or /trello link

    Full list of Trello Slack Commands.

    Installation Overview

    Assuming your team is already actively Trello and Slack, integrating the two apps is a potential match made in heaven.  However, unlike many other Slack apps, the installation and configuration process is a bit cumbersome, so we'll cover each step here in details in hopes of getting you and your team setup fast.

    Before you start:

    You should ask, "Do I really need to integrate Slack with my team's Trello board?". The answer here is probably "yes", but if you're in doubt you may want check out our post here on what you can actually do in Slack once your integration is installed and condifured properly: Trello Integration with Slack Part 2 of 2: Benefits, Commands and Demo

    One quick caveat upfront:

    If you are using a personal Trello board, you won't have the option of integration with Slack. You'll need to make sure your Trello board is part of a team (not a personal board). Team boards in Trello however are still free.

    Getting Started

    Step 1

    Let's dive in and get this going! From Slack, let's find the correct Trello App - yup, there is more than one. You'll want to click on the plus icon next to "Apps" in the Slack's left menu bar.

    Select "Trello", not "Trello Alerts" or similar.

    Step 2

    This will take you to the listing page. From here you'll want to click "Visit site to install":

    Step 3

    Once you'll on Trello's Slack page below, you'll want to login and then click "Add to Slack":

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6



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    • Lane Campbell
      December 14, 2017 at 1:48 am
      9 /10

      Provides a nice bridge between slack and trello but those who prefer point and click won’t love the complexity of the slash commands.

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